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Market Test and Learn

As data around digital marketing campaigns becomes more readily available than ever before, and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as machine learning (ML), mean tests that used to take weeks now take minutes, test and learn strategies have become a critical part of any successful digital marketing strategy. 

The key goal of a successful test-and-learn marketing strategy is to remove guesswork from advertising campaigns by making data-backed decisions in order to measure the performance of campaigns. Test and learn marketing also means brands are better able to see which strategies were most effective within each of their campaigns across various platforms, making these insights a company’s most valuable resource for strengthening future efforts.

Our Strategy
  • Assigning value to leads
  • Understanding which types of content are resonating across channels (for example, video versus long form)
  • Measuring which pieces of copy generate the most engagement
  • Calculating customer lifetime value
  • Optimizing for repeat purchases
  • Testing the success of different content based on a customer’s stage in the purchase funnel
  • Rating the potential for success of a new platform (for example, measuring whether advertising with Instacart is an effective means of reaching new audiences)